Achieve your 2017 goals… here’s how

I need to take you a few years back in time…

2013 was a good year for me. I hit my personal life goals and my work goals. In fact, I even overachieved on a few.

But in September 2013 I was on track to miss every single goal I had listed out for the year.

Every. Single. Goal.

Embarrassing, right?

And it was going to hurt me financially – my boss wasn’t known to hand out annual bonuses or payrises to team members who didn’t hit goals. It was hard enough to get the bonus even when you did hit the goals.

Getting to this low point was remarkably easy…

– I didn’t look at my goals in the first quarter – there’s loads of time left in the year to work on goals so why bother?

– By the second quarter I’d eased into the daily routine – days filled with standard work, evenings and weekends filled with television and wine. There’s no time for working on goals?

– The third quarter is mostly summer – who wants to work harder when the sun is shining and the office is half empty?

I didn’t track my goals. I didn’t even look at them.

I just coasted through the year.

So how did I shift from a path that was hurtling towards achieving nothing, and pull it back in the final quarter?

I stumbled upon Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge and made one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I signed up.

To get back on track I needed to be:

  • Taking action.
  • Enforcing deadlines.
  • Going the extra mile.
  • Demonstrating discipline.
  • Persevering through obstacles.
  • Focusing on my highest priorities.

And I needed help doing it.

The 100 Day Challenge got me focused and hungry to go after those goals.

I followed a proven goal execution system (Gary has trained everyone from CEOs to Special Military Forces) and I was kept accountable to what I needed to achieve.

Bringing you back to September 2017, the 100 Day Challenge is updated with more content and bonuses and is open to join right now.

If you’re like I was and your goals list is gathering dust (real or digital), then take a look at Gary’s program.

There’s only one quarter of 2017 left. With the right focus and support you have enough time to hit any goal you want.

Register for the 100 Day Challenge and you’ll discover…

– How to quickly close the performance gap between where you are and where you need to be.

– The rapid execution strategy for getting your 10 year goals accomplished in 100 days.

– A proven system for accomplishing any goal fast…with less effort, less time and less resistance.

– How to narrow your focus and increase the size and pace of your results.

– How to build and leverage momentum for a fast start to the quarter.

And a lot more.

I highly recommend the 100 Day Challenge and, 100 days from now, you’re going to be very happy that you took action.

Start the 100 Day Challenge now >>

I wish you a successful quarter!

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