How to beat procrastination – Robin Sharma video

How to beat procrastination

How to beat procrastination – it’s the dream for many. Procrastination¬†affects of all of us. Some can deal with it and manage their way through, others struggle to the point of never¬†really getting things done. I personally suffer from it on a daily basis with both small, seemingly easy tasks and doing anything positive towards…

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Real Life Productivity – Interview With Amy

One of my goals for Workweek Zen is to share what real people, working in the real world are doing to manage their time and be productive. The idea is to be able to learn from others what works and offer my thoughts and guidance on where improvements can be made. In this first “interview…

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10 Ways To Deal With Distractions & Get Work Done

Life is getting more and more distracting. There are so many things competing for our attention and they all seem to be winning – for a few minutes at a time at least. As technology has made us permanently connected there’s an expectation that we are always available and it has created a perception that…

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