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9 Steps to Leading a Successful Online Meeting

Whether working remotely or working as part of a global team in a corporate, you’ll probably find yourself in an online meeting at some point. Not being physically in the same room as the other participants can present some challenges even if the overall objectives are the same as a face to face.

Genevieve Conti at Focus lays out 9 Steps to Leading a Successful Online Meeting

Remote Working: Pros & Cons

Speaking of working remotely, for many it’s the dream to be able to work from home or at the local coffeeshop. But, there are negatives as well as the positives. Having been working remotely for the last 2 years in both a corporate role and now as a freelancer, I can definitely confirm there are some downsides.

If you’re thinking about life as a remote worker, Miles Singleton at Think Productive with give you the Remote Working: Pros & Cons

5 Canned Email Responses That’ll Save You All the Time

I love it when I find a timesaver that I haven’t used before. Especially when it’s so simple that I really question how productive I actually am!

Get ready for it….. use canned responses in your emails. Instead of retyping very similar emails over and over again, set up some templates to use and then just add the personalization.

You might not want to use a canned response for emailing your family but at work there’s a lot of situations where we just need to get the info to the other person. They don’t really care what the email says – they just need to know a specific set of instructions or to get the attachment.

Kayla Matthews in a post on The Muse gives some ideas on where you can use a canned response and links to instructions on how to set it up. 5 Canned Email Responses That’ll Save You All the Time

Productive Nightly Routines To Borrow From Remarkably Successful People

There’s a lot of obsession about morning routines. And rightly so – they can have a big impact on your day. But the evening routine is also important. How you end your day is not written about so much and I’m happy to see some ideas from Jessica Sillers on the Trello blog.

Get some inspiration at Productive Nightly Routines To Borrow From Remarkably Successful People

A New Goal-Setting Framework

Buffer (the social media scheduling app) are well known for being open and transparent about their work practices and the experiments they make to find better ways of doing things. I found this recent post from Hailley Griffis about changing the way goal setting is done really interesting.

She takes you step by step through a 6 weekly cycle of goal setting that her team is trying out. A New Goal-Setting Framework For A Team That Doesn’t Work on Projects Together


Batch Processing, Decision Fatigue and Efficiency

Erik Fisher talks to Allison Schaaf on The Beyond The To Do List podcast. Allison is a food and nutrition expert and runs the service Prep Dish. Allison shares advice on how to be more productive with preparing food and getting the groceries (approx 34 minutes long).

Some very practical tips on Batch Processing, Decision Fatigue and Efficiency

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