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It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week with a few different things catching my attention. Hope they’re interesting / useful!


A Method To x100 Your Productivity

“An addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative production”

I’ve been a big fan of Robin Sharma for a long time (even bought a few of his courses). He hits the nail on the head in this short video about how distraction crushes productivity and 4 things you can do about it.

The first one is simple and would be so effective, but takes some effort to implement – the 90/90/1 Rule….

For the next 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of your day on the 1 single game changing opportunity you have.

Imagine how much you could achieve if you could fence off that 90 minutes every day?

Work More Effectively and Productively with the Eisenhower Matrix

Evernote put out a useful article about the basics of prioritizing with the Eisenhower Matrix (also made famous by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

Prioritizing can be a nightmare – we all have a lot going on and it can be hard to find a moment to step back and think about what we should be working on versus who’s shouting the loudest.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple concept but difficult to put into practice.

But, even if you can’t sit and place all your tasks in a quadrant, you should frequently question what you are working on. Having some awareness of the importance / urgency is better than racing blindly through a to do list.

Read the article here.

How to deal with Angry Customers

If you’re dealing with customers (and that includes internal customers), you know how much of a pain they can be from time to time. But, much as we might want to punish them when they are at their most awkward, it’s not the best approach!

Hiver just published a detailed guide for dealing with angry customers which will give you a few tips to defuse and turn the situation around.

Take a deep breath and count to ten…

The First Wave of Corporate AI Is Doomed to Fail

Whether you’re involved in implementing AI in your workplace or are concerned about the impacts on jobs in the not so distant future (especially your own!), this article from HBR will be interesting.

Essentially many company’s are getting their approach to AI wrong.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen but think about how many businesses have still not taken advantage of basic automation and data analytics.

There are massive productivity opportunities with existing technology that are not being invested in or utilized so why would these businesses be any faster at getting onboard the AI bandwagon?

From the article:

“There is little doubt that an AI frenzy is starting to bubble up. We believe AI will indeed transform industries. But the companies that will succeed with AI are the ones that focus on creating organizational learning and changing organizational DNA. And the ones that embrace a portfolio approach rather than concentrating their efforts on that one big win will be best positioned to harness the transformative power of artificial learning.”

Most of the business world is not known for it’s ability to quickly change the “organizational DNA” or culture.

Read the whole article

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  1. Danny J Liu on September 30, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Nice post Paul. I’m also a productivity (and automation) geek 🙂 I love using personal kanban as well as Agile practices for managing projects and small teams.

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